by Good Association

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released April 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Good Association Griffin

just me and some wood and strings

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Track Name: Grow some flowers for You
That seed has got to break
if that spout is ever gonna escape
it’s shell and grow toward the Light

When it finds it’s roots in You
to love is all there is to do
Grow some flowers for You

Help me to be a broken seed
so i may grow for You
Please take from me
all that aint Free
so i may love You more
Help me to be a broken seed…

Ain’t it funny how the clouds know when
to split and let the Sunshine in…

Help me to be a broken seed, Oh Lord
Track Name: Karma's flower bed
I've been layin in this flower bed far too long
The smell of these flowers is oh, so strong
Some are roses and some are self pity (why me, why me, why me?)
They all sing out "Come take a whiff of me!"

I stopped to linger in their smell
They all bid me farewell
Nothing will last that is without
All things must pass without a doubt
Whether these flowers wilt or bloom
It'll all be over oh, so soon

I ain't seekin' some Salvation
You can leave that for the pastors and the people in their pews
Just let me love You with my life
You can send this ol' soul to where ever You choose
As long as i can remember You
and who i am in relation to it All

I stop to stare up at the Sun
the Light from which All things begun
It burns my eyes, It is so bright (purify, purify my sight)
so i can see Your smiling face,
resting deep within the center of every place
Track Name: Waterin' my leaf
I want to water the Roots of The Tree
not just one branch or leaf
help me Lord, when I get caught up on
thinkin' my limb is drier than a bone

Ohhh, my little soul
don't be disturbed when the leaves are fallin' down
already knew the fall would knock 'em down

We're all like twigs attached to That Tree
hangin' around, thinkin' we are Free
only free to Realize that we're in prison

Am I searchin' for the Solution
or am I just starin' at Illusion

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Track Name: Past Life Regression
I don't remember, but They said I once lived at Home with You
Until I hopped aboard the first train I found - it was headed down, it was headed down

No matter where I go, there You also Are
But somehow I felt so far away

I felt there were some things I had to do - without You
But they didn't bring me any joy
fleeting happiness is Illusion's ploy

No matter where I go, there You also Are
try as I might, I couldn't get that far away, Oh Lord

I don't remember but They said I came such a long, long way
to reach the point where I see I gotta long, long way to go
to understand about You what I do not know

No matter where I go, there You also Are
help me not forget I don't gotta search at all, Oh Lord
No matter where I go, there You also Are
Track Name: Ballad of a deaf man
This is the story of a deaf man
who denied that we could hear God's song
Do you hear what he's saying?

No sound of rushing wind or thunder in the sky
or other souls as they begin to cry
and complain of their hunger and their pain

Though he was deaf he still could see
the senses shackle you and me
but Love will set us all Free

I've often heard some people say
"I'll believe it when I see",
but the world kept on spinnin' like it does
You'll only see what you believe... what you believe

There is a door that leads to Love,
but it ain't very tall, at all
You gotta fall to your knees
sometimes you gotta crawl

There is a key that fits that door
thats what we're all searchin' for
and after some time if we quiet our minds
an unlocked door is just what we find